In most cases a coat of matt or gloss varnish will be applied to your digitally printed label to add a minimal level of protection. However, if your label is exposed to harsh environments, needs to withstand heavy use, or comes in contact with oil or grease, you might consider adding a laminate.

A laminate is a layer of film added over your printed label. It can provide protection for your label from scratching, grease, sunlight or moisture, as well as adding decorative effects. Here we explain seven reasons to consider a laminated label or sticker:

1. Add a protective layer to your label

We’ve mentioned that a polypropylene laminate will add a higher level of protection than a standard varnish. Moreover, laminates come in matt and gloss finishes to match your brand and desired label look, feel and finish.

Laminating your label will allow it to withstand the rigours of the packing and posting process, especially useful for on-line sellers. Furthermore, a laminated label will remain pristine even after automatic application or continued handling.

2. A writable label surface

Special write-on laminates are available that will allow a part, or all, of your label to be written on using a standard biro or ball-point pen. Where you need to add a sell by date or batch detail a writeable laminate finish could be a good option.

3. The perfect over-printing label surface

If your finished label requires overprinting in-house, we have laminates that are compatible with your processes. Adding best before details, traceability information or barcodes will be easy with a specialist overprintable laminate designed for the purpose.

4. Protect outdoor labels from UV rays

 Should your product label be routinely exposed to sunlight, such as a horticultural label, our special UV protection laminate would be a good choice. Furthermore, UV protection will ensure your laminated label doesn’t fade or discolour when exposed to light for extended periods.

5. Provide scratch resistant and highly durable labels

If your label needs to be ultra-durable and scratch resistant, then adding a polycarbonate laminate will help.

Polycarbonate laminated labels are robust and long lasting. Therefore, they are best suited to warning labels or asset labels that need to stand the test of time.

6. Add structure and rigidity to your label

When polyester label laminates are added to your label the end result is a more rigid and less flexible label. Polyester laminates can be more expensive than polypropylene laminates, but they add a higher level of protection to your label.

7. Add a tactile surface to your label

As well as practical reasons to laminate your label, there are aesthetic reasons too. Label laminates can produce lovely tactile finishes which will help your brand standout.

For example, a rough touch laminate will give your label a sandpaper-like feel. Moreover, a soft touch laminate will produce a sensual, feather-soft feel, perfect for luxury brand like cosmetics.

Whatever you want to achieve with your label, be it a beautiful soft finish or tough, durable quality, talk to us. Our expert team can advise you on the right process to achieve the best laminated label to meet your needs.

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