Create custom vape labels for your e-liquids and vape products that will stand out on the shelf. The team at Label Solutions offers their expertise to avoid mistakes when designing your vape labels and product range.

The e-cigarette and vape mods market is growing with the industry predicted to grow to approximately £46.2 billion worldwide by 2025. As the number of vape and e-liquid providers increase in the UK, it’s important to make your label distinguishable and appealing.

Design your e juice bottle labels with true shelf appeal by following these three key factors:

  1. Build-in flexibility to your range

As you design your product labels, consider how easily your design can be adapted to apply to your current range, and any new flavours, sizes, or e-liquid bottle shapes you will produce in the future.

Simple considerations like the font size on the front of the bottle, placement of the label, the simplicity of the design to help differentiate each flavour can help build-in flexibility for future options.

  1. Comply with legal regulations

There are a number of regulations and Government standards that need to be present on your vape and refill bottle labels – and often in a small amount of space. These include:

  • Regulation 37 of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 sets out the requirements for labelling of e-cigarette and refill container products.
  • E-cigarettes also need to comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation 2012 as well as relevant warnings. For additional advice on labelling or e-liquid products read the Labelling guidance provided by the UK Government.

The Label Solutions team can help you ensure your e-liquid & vape labels are printed with the Tactile Warning, fully compliant with the TPD regulations for 10ml bottles that contain nicotine.

  1. Don’t overlook finish and materials

With a number of existing brands on the market, open up your options beyond colour and prints alone. Working with your label printing provider can open up options for matte or sheen finished labels with embellished or hot foil labels design elements.

Order labels for your vape and e-liquid refill containers

The team at Label Solutions works with a number of vape brands across the UK. If you are looking for your next order, but are looking for advice on how to get the right combination of design components and material for your budget, feel free to get in touch today.

Contact us on 01277 568651 to discuss your vape label needs and the best way to get started.

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