The alcohol industry has no sign of slowing down. With a market increase during covid that has yet to reach its peak and an increase in buying direct from the brand is driving this market. As always it can be difficult to stand out. Especially when you are new to market.

Here at Label Solutions we print thousands of alcohol labels throughout the year. Here are some of the top trends we have seen.

Foil Labels:

Although this is not a new printing technique this is something that will always be popular. If you are a drinks brand that is on the higher end of the market this is a great way to add a luxury feel to your alcohol labels. Find our more about our foil label printing here.

Llanfairpwll Distillery Anglesey Rum Co

Labels as art and artist collaborations:

We have seen some really cool labels go through our printers over the years. Especially this year we have seen an increase in artist collaborations. These kind of labels definatly stick in your mind. It’s especially good if your audience know the artist and appreciate the work.

Bold typefaces on Labels:

As you probably already know typefaces can be very important to a brands identity. We have seen an increasing number of brands using bold type faces. This will transfer onto their bottle design with standout text.

Here is an example below from the Gloucester Brewery. The black bold text on top of the yellow background really makes a statement.


Labels that look handmade:

So hand making thousands of labels is not the most cost effective way to brand your alcohol bottles. Another way to showcase the handmade element of your brand is to create a label that looks handmade. It may seem counterproductive, but it is a way of showing off your brand story while still being able to stick to ideal price points.


Gradients have been a trend in the graphic and design world for a little while now. We have seen lots of creative uses of gradients all across the board. Below is an example from Northdown Brewery.


Eco friendly labels:

This is a trend that is not going away. It’s a big concern for businesses and consumers alike. We all want to work hard towards a bigger cause. However, creating a truly eco-friendly label can be tricky. With a lot of greenwashing happening in all industries it is down to brands to simply try their best.

Our range of biodegradable and recyclable papers, adhesives and toners have been carefully selected to support a sustainable label printing solution for your product, postage, packaging or promotions.

We will also be soon introducing a new plant a tree initiative so keep your eyes peeled!


Want to see some of the coolest designs from around the world? Why not check out our Pinterest page here for alcohol bottle label inspiration for 2023 and beyond.

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