When it comes to designing and printing labels for your product, adding a varnish has many advantages. Whilst you may think of varnished labels having a glossy finish, there are multiple effects that can be created. In this blog post we will explore the key reasons to add varnish to your labels.

Beautiful Branding

Gloss Varnish:

An overall glossy varnish finish to your labels creates attention-grabbing visual appeal. That means your product will stand out on the shelf, or in your online store, encouraging consumers to buy.

Matt Varnish:

Alternatively, a matt varnished label may reflect your brand values, giving your product an up-market feel. In addition to giving your packaging a premium appearance, a spot varnish will highlight a special detail on your label, like your logo.

Varnish Embellishments:

Furthermore, specialist label varnishes can create wonderful textures. Try a rough-tough varnish with an amazing sandpaper-like feel; a leather-feel or wet-look can be achieved too.

Building up layers of varnish, known as high build varnish, gives your label a touchable tactile feel, encouraging consumers to pick up your merchandise and increasing purchase.

Practical Varnish Finishes

As well as creating a beautiful label, varnishes can be used to add a protective layer. This can be particularly useful if you need to send your goods via post or courier.

Perhaps your label needs to withstand UV light or outdoor conditions. In this case varnishes can provide durability and longevity. In addition, if your products contain certain chemicals or oils a varnished finish will help to protect and maintain the integrity of the label.

Product Label Compliance & Safety 

If you manufacture items that contain potentially hazardous substances you will need to consider using a tactile warning triangle on your labels. Also known as Tactile Warning Devices (TWDs), these are raised triangles on packaging or labelling that warn visually impaired consumers that the product is potentially toxic.

One of the best ways to apply TWDs is to create a warning triangle by adding a high build varnish to your label. Furthermore, this method is particularly useful when your containers are small, like e-liquid bottles, or where the warning triangle cannot be moulded into your container. Moreover, it’s important to use a label printer with experience of printing tactile warning triangles on small vial labels to ensure a durable finish.

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