Tamper evident labels are also known as security labels, tamper proof labels, anti-tamper labels and tamper seals. They come in many different forms and are used across multiple industry sectors as a security feature. Moreover, in some sectors they are required on product packaging by law.

This article outlines the different styles of tamper seal and explores which industry sectors they are commonly used in and why.

Types of tamper evident label:

Whilst there are many different types of tamper evident labels, they essentially have the same purpose. Each type provides visible evidence that packaging has been tampered with after manufacture.

Void Reveal Labels

Void labels are adhesive labels that leave the word ‘VOID’ on your packaging when the label is peeled off.

Void Reveal Tamper Evident Label

Destructible Labels

Destructible labels break into pieces when attempting to peel the label back, making it extremely difficult to remove. This type of security label is often used on valuable assets, such as laptops or medical equipment, to prevent theft.

Furthermore, the same effect can be achieved by adding an intricate pattern of security slits into the adhesive label. The approach means the label distorts and tears if removed, making it impossible to reapply the tamper label.

Tamper Proof Labels

This type of tamper evident label is often seen on medical products like boxes of pills or creams. Tamper evident labels are designed to break when tampered with, indicating that the pack has been opened.

The label can be designed using aggressive adhesives so that they damage the outer packaging when someone tries to remove them. Alternatively, they can have slits or perforations that allow consumers to open the pack easily while also showing signs of tamper pre-purchase.

Decorative Tamper Evident Labels

Whilst the purpose of a tamper evident label is to provide security, avoid counterfeiting and enhance consumer confidence, that doesn’t mean the seal has to detract from your beautifully designed pack front label. Furthermore, a decorative label can actively enhance your product.

Spirit manufacturers can add a customised watch strap label that secures the lid to the bottle adding to security and decoration. Whereas a cosmetics company may opt for a dumbbell shaped tamper seal that works well on smaller packaging.

Where to use Tamper Evident Labels:

Health & Beauty sector

Whilst tamper evident labels are now required by law on pharmaceutical products (Read FMD supplement EU2016/161) they are increasingly used on health supplements and cosmetics too.

With personal care products and cosmetics, it’s particularly important that the consumers knows that packaging has not been opened before they purchase.

Furthermore, manufacturers of high value luxury products are increasingly incorporating security features into their product labelling. By adding a decorative feature, like a holographic foil, to your tamper seal you are protecting consumers from a counterfeiting as well as product tampering.

Food Manufacturers

Tamper evident labels are becoming an increasingly popular addition to jars, bottles, and packages. Whilst not yet required by law, jar seal labels give consumers the assurance of freshness and food safety; both factors are important for manufacturers large and small. Moreover, a beautifully design tamper seal adds an extra special touch to your luxury or artisan brand.

Drinks Manufacturers

Tamper evident labels for spirit and drinks labelling are commonly known as watch strap labels because of their distinctive shape. They are used to maintain the integrity and safety of your drinks brand as well as giving consumers confidence in your product.

Moreover, decorative tampers seals give your bottle a luxury feel for stand-out appeal on-line or on the shelf. Therefore, not only does a tamper seal have a practical use, but it can also encourage consumers to purchase and repeat purchase your brand.

Whether you choose to add a tamper evident label to your product packaging for compliance, security or aesthetic reasons, we can help you produce the best possible outcome.

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