Case study

Purdy & Figg: Meeting a scaling businesses
changing needs and expanding product lines

“I always feel I am having an honest conversation with people who know
what they are doing and who think on behalf of their customer and mine.”

Charlie Rubin, Co-Founder of Purdy & Figg

Purdy & Figg specialises in natural cleaning products with an aim to reduce the number of toxic chemicals we use on our skin and plastic waste around our homes. Starting out with a natural mutli-surface cleaner which proved more popular than they expected so needed to scale up quickly. They then turned their attention to hand sanitizer that was bacteria-killing, while also moisturising.

With over 100,000 products sold to date, Purdy & Figg are now stocked in hotels and department stores all over the UK. They needed to build a relationship with a label manufacturer that could meet their need to scale quality to meet the increased demand, provide advice and meet their needs. As an eco-business, they were looking for a label manufacturer that could meet their eco-friendly label and sticker needs within a growing product range. The top requirements when they started their search in March 2020, was speed, reliability and quality, and Label Solutions fit the bill.

Eco friendly labels for Purdy & Figg

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