As we mark the first anniversary under new ownership MD Leigh Mann, reflects on the first year.

Organisational Change

Changing the ownership and leadership of any organisation can come with fear and worry caused by uncertainty. Which is why Leigh’s first meeting with the Label Solutions team started with an acknowledgement. Furthermore he made a simple request for staff to carry on their great work and to ask for help when needed.

Building on Strengths

Leigh knew it was important to keep Label Solution’s unique identity intact and maintain their reputation as an outstanding label printing company.

Label Solutions are known for:

  • Quick quote response times
  • Short label production lead times
  • Wide selection of label embellishment options.

Whilst Leigh took the important decision to keep Label Solutions and sister company Piroto Labelling separate, both companies’ customers have benefited. Moreover, building on the teams strengths is proving a great way to develop the business.

Team Development

Leigh said, ‘ I am delighted with the way the Label Solutions team have worked diligently this year’. He added, ‘They have shown the utmost professionalism and commitment to customers’.

What’s more the team helped to identify bottlenecks, which lead to make smart recruitment and investment decisions to resolve issues. The production team have continued cross machine training to allow for flexible working to meet customer demand and cover holidays. In addition everyone embraced team training on continuous improvement principles and teamworking.

All this has meant we have streamlined processes including empowering staff to make decisions to benefit customers.

Investment in Machinery

As a show of confidence in the future of the business Leigh has committed to a £250K investment. The new converting line is due to be installed in March 2024

The Future

Leigh finished by saying, ‘Overall I am delighted with the first year at Label Solutions’. Whilst clearly he knew a lot about the business before acquiring it, Leigh said, ‘The only thing I did not know before ‘getting the keys’ was the people and customers, and both have proven to be a highlight of the business’.

Leigh and the team have created a stable base to build on. Focusing on listening to customers will mean Label Solutions can develop new products, better service offerings and meet customers’ environmental requirements.

It’s been an exciting journey so far, and, if you are not with us already, why not come and ‘Stick with the best’!



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