We couldn’t be more excited to take delivery of our first big investment under new ownership. It’s a vote of confidence in the future for Label Solutions and provides additional reliability for customers. Furthermore, the custom-built set up will increase digital label manufacturing capacity and add value to our customers.

Watch our video for a sneak peek at our new equipment and read about some of the key ways in which customers can expect to benefit:

Peel & Reveal Digital Labels

Our Commitment to Quality

We consistently deliver high-quality digital labels to our customers. Our new investment will help to strengthen our commitment to you. Furthermore, the set-up brings new innovations in labelling to deliver the very best digitally printed labels for you and your brand.

Improved Availability & Fast Delivery

Increasing digital label production capacity means customers can expect improved availability. Moreover, with label production times of 3-4 working days from approval, customers can expect an exceptionally fast turnaround.

Enhanced Customisation & Flexibility

Our new set up brings greater capabilities for customisation of your digital labels. Producing even the most sophisticated labels will be a breeze; the only limit is your imagination!

Consistent Reliability

Reliability of label supply is obviously critical to our customers. New equipment adds an extra layer of security meaning a consistent level of service can be assured.

Finally, investing in new label manufacturing equipment future-proofs our operation for you, our customers. We are excited to see what the future of digital labelling holds. In addition, we are committed to growing our position in the market by offering high quality, innovative digital labels backed by exceptional customer service.

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