Meet Dean, Label Solutions’ Works Manager and very much part of the team! His unswerving eagerness to learn punctuates his story. Equally important is his ability to problem solve and come up with great solutions for our customers.

Manufacturing  Apprentice

Dean joined Label Solutions back in 2013 to undertake a manufacturing and operations apprenticeship. He spent a productive 18 months working as a label rewind operator and learning the basics of digital label printing. After moving on to a printing company to gain more experience, Dean saw an opportunity to further his career back at Label Solutions.

Career Opportunities

Dean was welcomed back to Label Solutions in 2016. He worked as a Machine Operator, keen to understand more about the whole digital label printing operation. Furthermore he learned how to operate almost every piece of machinery in the growing business. This was a brilliant move for Dean, as well as allowing the business to operate at peak efficiency.

Next, Dean moved into the role of Assistant Production Manager having proved himself a great asset to Label Solutions.

Assistant Production Manager

Dean’s knowledge of the operation, plus his experience across the whole production process meant he naturally took on a vital problem solving role. What’s more he worked persistently to keep the operation running, ensuring customers’ label orders were delivered on time.

Furthermore, he worked closely with the sales team to understand and meet customer expectations on label quality and timely delivery. Again, Dean’s collaborative spirit helped to ensure that label printing lead times could be maintained.

Promotion to Production Manager

The next move for Dean was obvious, and he was soon promoted to Production Manager. He took the added responsibility in his stride, relishing the new role.

Another Promotion!

As Label Solutions grew, so did the need for a highly experienced team. It was clear that the Production role had grown and required distribution, so Dean was promoted again, this time to Works Manager. He now works closely with a  Production Planner. Again the roles are interchangeable to ensure continuity of label printing even over busy holiday periods.

Dean’s Lighter Side

Dean is a team player and likes to show his lighter side at work too. His colleagues joke that when he finds a label core on the factory floor he will invariably pick it up and say, ‘ Core, look at this!’, using the play on words to make everyone smile.

Looking Back & The Future

Looking back over his career with Label Solutions so far, Dean said ‘ It’s been amazing to see the business grow. I’ve learnt so much.’

He went on to say ‘I’m excited for the future. The new management have come in with new ideas; it’s a breath of fresh air.’  He added ‘ I’m passionate about learning, and am grateful for the training that is being offered to me.’

There’s no doubt that Dean’s experience and attitude means he’ll have a vital role to play in Label Solutions’ future success.


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