If you sell your products online, and let’s face it, who doesn’t these days, you are competing in a world of consumer choice.  It’s vital that your product is just right and that your packaging matches your brand values and aesthetic. Furthermore, your product label has a huge role to play in persuading consumers to buy.

This blog post offers some tips on how to make your label standout online.

Beautiful Product Label Design

Engage a design professional from the outset if you want a standout label. What’s more, choosing a designer with specialist packaging and label design experience will pay dividends.

Take your time to brief your chosen label designer fully, the more information they have the better your product label will be. Remember to include details beyond the aesthetics like:

  • The size, shape and colour of your product container – this is particularly important for bottles and unusually shaped packaging where the labelling surface may be limited or concave/convex, for example
  • Where your product will be displayed – online, on a shelf or both
  • Who are your main competitors – you may want your product label to standout or blend in, depending on your strategy
  • Your logo, brand and preferred colour palette – consider how your brand label translates on all screen sizes, particularly small mobile screens
  • Whether your product label is a one-off – or part of a series of editions where consistency is paramount.

Top Quality Label Printing

It’s time to find a label printing company capable of bringing your design to life once you have your beautiful label design approved. Again, seek out a specialist customised label printer who can show you samples of similar labels and stickers they have manufactured. You can assess the quality of their work before placing an order.

It’s worth talking to your label printer too as they will have ideas about how to give your label real star-quality. As well as the usual information about size and quantity of labels you need, it’s helpful to discuss what outcome you are hoping to achieve, for example:

  • Would you like specially embellished labels to add a luxury feel – we can advise on special finishes like foiling, spot varnish, embossing and tactile varnishes, helping you decide which is best for your brand label
  • What material do you want your label to be made from – we have a wide range of choices including eco-friendly options. We will be happy to discuss which label substrate is most appropriate for your product container, the content and conditions the product labels need to withstand, such as post and shipping
  • What type of adhesive does your product label need – permanent adhesives are suitable for many product labels, whilst removable adhesives may suit promotional and pricing stickers
  • Do you want your labels on a roll or in a sheet format – this may depend on whether you are planning to hand or machine apply your labels.

Special Considerations for Online-Only Brands

Where your product is solely displayed and sold online your packaging and labelling needs to work super hard. Professionally shot images are a must. Also consider video clips. Create reels to show off your product and its label at every angle; glossy varnish finishes, tactile embossed areas and luxurious foiled details add a premium feel to your goods, even online.

What Happens When Your Customer Receives Their Product?  

You need to continue your brand story all the way to the customers front door. Not only must your product packaging and label withstand the delivery process, but it must meet the customers expectation too. Here are few ideas to make that happen:

  • Include a security or authentication feature on your label – that way your customers will know they are getting something genuinely special
  • Add a QR code to your product label – this will encourage social sharing and allow customers to engage with your story
  • Add a promotional label – to give your customers extra value and encourage repeat purchase.


At Label Solutions our experienced team are on hand to help you make the most of your product label. Call us to discuss the options.

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