As of 1 January 2021, food and beverage products exported from the UK have seen increased label requirements under Union harmonisation legislation. As many food and beverage manufacturers have needed to adapt quickly to keep their supply chain requirements, we have found the following solutions have worked best to support this transition.

What are the new EU label requirements?

For all exports of UK products to EU markets, there are new label requirements that must be followed. The labelling of the product must include:

  1. The name of the importer
  2. The address at which the importer can be contacted, and
  3. The registered trade name or trademark

On top of this food and beverage manufacturers who continue to supply their products to the EU markets, will also need to comply with additional label requirements for their unique products. The UK Government has issued guidance on the legal food standard requirements here.

Tips to meet the new label requirements

The Label Solutions team have worked with a number of clients to meet these new regulations and have found that the following options are the best fit for most food and drinks manufacturers and exporters:

1 – Cover-up labels for existing food and beverage products to meet new label requirements

Where food and beverage stock has already been produced, we have supplied our customers with specialist “blackout” labels. Under the new EU label requirements, this is a permitted option, however, provided it doesn’t come off easily and the new label is legible. With our specialist label material, we have been able to ensure it is applied with food-safe adhesive which completely covers up any label underneath, specifically designed and applied over existing labels to avoid costly repackaging.

2 – Print market-specific food and drinks labels requirements on a sheet or a roll 

As the Brexit transition continues, we are working with customers to review their labelling practices to allow them to diversify and explore new export markets. By preparing specific food and drink labels for each market and applying them after production, it allows manufacturers to retain their production economies of scale while meeting a wide range of label requirements.

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3 – Printing new country of origin stickers

As products within the UK are no longer permitted to show the EU flag on their packaging, we are working with exporters to ensure they meet the new country of origin labelling requirements. We can create ‘Made in UK’ labels and stickers on a sheet or a roll in any size that can be applied to products to clearly meet the new country of origin label requirements.

How the Label Solutions team can help?

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