Why a Touch Based Sample Book still works!

Label Sample Books sent by Post – In this Digital Age? Whatever next! In today’s Digital Marketing and instant eMail, Video and Social Media channel world, the ability to touch and feel still has a major role to play. Recent research clearly highlights that Marketing campaigns that include printed material offer an enhanced multiplier return […]

By John Heffernan  |  February 19, 2018

Seeing is Believing – Label Design Expertise

When it comes to Label Designs – Seeing is Believing! The word “expert” can be misused and abused and expertise boasted often without the substance to justify the claim. Label-Solutions understand the need for our label buyers to justify their purchase decision and our ability to boast with substance is supported by numerous case studies […]

By Malcolm Bunn  |  February 15, 2018

Say Goodbye to Halloween Horror Stories with Professional Label Design

Label Printing Success or a Dead Loss? When it comes to printed label design– we have viewed numerous horror stories of labels and label designs that must give those designers and businesses nightmares every day of the year – never mind Halloween! Poor colour tone, dreadful graphics, mis-spellings and worse, failure to adhere, are all […]

By Content Team  |  November 01, 2017

Why Vape Labels need expertise – not smoke and mirrors!

Vape Label Expertise We all know you only have one chance to make a good first impression – and Vape Labels can mean the difference between a buyer and a lost opportunity. A good first impression – That is what branding is all about. And, sadly, Quality Label Branding for Vape Devices and Vape Bottles […]

By Content Team  |  October 28, 2017

What Do Your Labels Say About YOU!

Does YOUR Label shout Quality? Does it exude professionalism? Excitement? Desire? Is your Label aimed at attracting customers or a designers artistian display?     Your Label is a key part of your brand – wherever it is displayed – and often, can be the first brand impression and we all know first impressions count. […]

By Content Team   |  October 10, 2017

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