Your product label is the window into your brand. Customers will associate your product with top quality if your packaging and label projects a premium look. Furthermore, a quality product warrants a premium price. This article outlines the various label embellishments on offer to give your product label a lift. If you are looking for an extra special wine bottle label, craft alcohol bottle label or premium cosmetics label, then read on.


Embossing gives a raised effect to an area of your product label. Embossed effects are often used on wine bottle labels and give a lovely tactile feel to your label as well as a premium look. In addition, embossed labels are often seen in the health and beauty sector.


Debossing gives a recessed effect to your self-adhesive label. The effect is subtle and suited to an elegant, understated brand.

Textured Varnish

Varnish can add textures like a rough and sandpaper-like feel to your label. Moreover, different effects can be simulated using varnish which can add an unusual and unique feel for your branded label.

Varnish Effects

In addition to tactile effects, varnish can create certain looks. In the cosmetic and beauty sector wet look is a popular choice for a product label, whilst leather-look is often associated with sophistication.

Hot Foil Stamping

Metallic foils are often added to product labels to add a luxury feel and create a true gold, silver or bronze effect. Furthermore, brands use foiling on special edition labels or to create a seasonal range to differentiate from their core products.

Textured Foiling

Textured foil effects give your product label a stand-out, touchable feel. Using etched foil plates, gorgeous textured foil detailing and special security features can be achieved.

Textured Fluted Foil Bottle Label

Textured and Embossed Foil Label image courtesy of Tomlinson Ltd

Fluted Foiling

Fluted foiling uses a combination of embossing and foil to add raised foil detail to your label. Again, this technique is popular for wine labels and other high-end branded labels.

Fluted Foil and Embossed Wine Label

High Build Varnish

High build varnish gives a label design dimension by adding a built up area. Like embossing, high build varnish creates a raised effect. In addition, tactile warning triangles, and other tactile symbols, can be created using high build varnish. You can read more about tactile warning triangles and when to use them.

Spot Varnish

Adding varnish to just a small area or ‘spot’ on your label draws the consumers attention to where you want it to go. Moreover, spot varnish gives interest to an overall matt varnished label. Alternatively, adding a matt spot varnish to a glossy label gives a different look again.

Holographic effects

Holographic effects can be created using a special foil or holographic label substrate. Incorporating a hologram in your product label helps anti-counterfeiting which is especially important for high-value branded products. Holographic label designs are particularly prevalent in the cosmetics, drinks and luxury good sector where visual appeal is paramount. Furthermore, holographic effects give an amazing multi-dimensional impression as they change as the label catches the light.

Finally, it’s important to select a label manufacturer who is experienced in creating embellished labels. Additionally, the choice of label substrates and label embellishments is vast, so it’s important to talk through your label concepts thoroughly before going to print.

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